OCS Tournament


Welcome to the 1st International O.C.S. Vassal Tournament, sponsored by NoFerPlei Gaming Club (http://www.noferplei.it/).

Purpose: Playing together, meeting other fans of O.C.S. system around the world.

Formula: Depending on the number of participants, a variable number of short scenarios (min 3) will be chosen among the O.C.S. games.

Every scenario will be played twice, once per side. In the 1st match, the side will be randomly assigned.

The 2nd match will be played combining players from the first matches, avoiding rematches between the same players.

From the 2nd scenario onwards, the matches will be between players in adjacent position in the general ranking (first in ranking with second in ranking, etc.).

The following scores will be assigned for each match:
– 3 points for victory (even when due to opponent’s default)
– 1 point for defeat
– 0 points for defaulting the match
– +1 point if a player wins both matches of the scenario
Conduct of the match: the 2 players involved in the match will choose at their discretion how the match will be played (live, pbem, etc.).

Etiquette: A player can redo the move up to when dice are rolled or units shown. In pbem matches a player cannot redo any move after sending the file to the opponent.

Referee: Luca Veluttini, the organizer, will be the referee for rules and time disputes. Paolo de Francesco will be his deputy.

Match time limit: For every match, the time limit to end the scenario is 1 week per turn given by the scenario’s rules, +1 week.
4 turns scenario —> 5 weeks
6 turns scenario —> 7 weeks

Final Victory: After the end of the last scenario’s 2nd match, the player with most points will be the winner. In a tie, every player with the same score will be the winner.

To register: Send an e-mail to nfpclub@gmail.com with these information within 15 May 2016:
– Name and Surname
– Country of residence


01- Luca Veluttini (Italy)
02- Paolo De Francesco (Italy)
03- Antonello Salvatucci (Denmark)
04- Stephen Tam (USA)
05- Davide Magnani (Italy) [RETIRED]
06- Antonio Benitez-Donoso (Luxembourg) [RETIRED]
07- Malcolm Cameron (Australia)
08- Maurice Wahl (USA)



Reluctant Enemies (Secure the Levant Scenario)


1st matches

#1) Antonello Salvatucci (Commonwealth) – Antonio Benitez-Donoso (Vichy)

#2) Stephen Tam (Commonwealth) – Maurice Wahl (Vichy)

#3) Paolo De Francesco (Commonwealth) – Malcolm Cameron (Vichy)

#4) Luca Veluttini (Commonwealth) – Davide Magnani (Vichy)


2nd matches

#1) Antonello Salvatucci (Vichy) – Maurice Wahl (Commonwealth)

#2) Paolo De Francesco (Vichy) – Davide Magnani (Commonwealth)

#3) Luca Veluttini (Vichy) – Antonio Benitez-Donoso (Commonwealth)

#4) Stephen Tam (Vichy) – Malcolm Cameron (Commonwealth)



Korea Forgotten War (On the Naktong Scenario)


1st matches

#1) Antonello Salvatucci (UN) – Paolo De Francesco (Communist)

#2) Luca Veluttini (UN) – Malcolm Cameron (Communist)

#3) Maurice Wahl (UN) – Davide Magnani (Communist)

#4) Antonio Benitez-Donoso (UN) – Stephen Tam (Communist)


2nd matches

#1) Paolo De Francesco (UN) – Luca Veluttini (Communist)

#2) Stephen Tam (UN) – Antonello Salvatucci (Communist)

#3) Malcolm Cameron (UN) – Maurice Wahl (Communist)



# Name Pts
1 Paolo De Francesco 14
2 Malcolm Cameron 11
3 Antonello Salvatucci 9
3 Stephen Tam 9
5 Maurice Wahl 8
6 Luca Veluttini 6
7 Davide Magnani (R) 4
8 Antonio Benitez-Donoso (R) 2